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Wilfong Equine Services is owned and operated by Brazos and Sarah Wilfong of Eagle Point, Oregon.  We are fully licensed and insured and able to serve all your horse transportation needs.

We transport all ages and breeds of horses and plan a monthly trip from the Pacific Northwest to Texas/Oklahoma with additional trips covering all other states.

We accept Credit Cards via Square and Pay Pal.
Wilfong Equine Services, LLC 
USDOT # 2465640    MC # 852170

What Clients Say

"We've used dozens of outfits to transport many reining horses over the years, but our recent experience with the Wilfongs proved them heads and shoulders above the competition.  Communication was top notch and horse handling skills were more than impressive.  On this haul, we shipped a yearling in and a show gelding out to a new customer, and both horses arrived happy, sound and in terrific condition.  We don't often recommend services such as horse transport, as everyone has their own idea of how it should be done, but if well attended horses who arrive in good shape are the end goal, we encourage you to contact Wilfong Equine Services.  You won't be disappointed."
Stoney's Performance Horses, Colorado


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